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A collection expressing the often colourful world of sweets using a colour palette with a mix of bright, dark and more neutral colour tones.

Design with spirals arranged diagonally in stripes of light grey, purple and dark purple with strong pink dashes arranged diagonally on a dark grey background
Design with cat shapes in red, pink and white arranged in a circular pattern with pink, purple and brown dots in between on a black background
Design with the words have a sweet day at the top in red above a three tier cake designed with various shapes in purple, red, grey and brown on a white background
Design with the words you're a sweetheart in red above a circular arrangement of heart shaped lollipops in dark brown, light purple and light pink on dark and light grey lollipop sticks on a white background
Design with striped rows of hot pink, red, dark and light grey with linear designs like arrowheads in purple and black
Design with burgundy, hot pink and grey swirls with black dots on a pale pink background
Design with a mix of plain grey areas and dotted sections in hot pink, purple and black
Design with black diamond shapes with spiral and stripe designs on a deep pink background
Design with horizontal stripes and blocks of black, hot pink and bright red with curved lines in black and light grey
Designs of different sweets such as lollipops and love hearts in dark red, dark grey, light purple and pale pink and dots in similar colours on a white background
Design with strawberry and berry shapes in burgundy, grey and purple arranged diagonally with red dots in between on a pale purple background
Designs with various patterns such as stripes, dashes and wavy lines in pale pink, purple, grey and dark brown
Design with candy canes, circles, squares, crossed lines arranged diagonally in grey, purple, brown and pink on a pale purple background
Design with semicircle shapes filled with dark pink lines, lilac spirals, light pink dots and grey sweet shapes
Design with different sized circles in light pink, purple and brown filled with patterns such as triangles and dots on a dark brown background
Design with sections of sweet shaped patterns in burgundy, grey, purple, brown and light pink arranged in a spiral shape on a light grey background
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