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A collection seeking to present the meanings of the Adinkra symbols and Kente patterns of Ghana in an alternative way.

Design with peach leaf shapes arranged in long wavy diagonal lines
Design with different sized heart shapes formed of shield like shapes in burgundy, brown and light pink on a medium red background
Design with light blue barrels with dark brown striped arranged diagonally on an orange background
Design with various eye shapes with crowns in yellow, red, green, orange and blue on a light blue background
Design with different sized sword shapes formed of multicoloured rectangles in dark brown, red and light orange on a navy background
Design with lightning bolt shapes in peach, dark yellow, blue, dark orange on a dark green, dark red and green striped background
Design with crown shapes formed of triangles, rectangles and squares in grey, navy, green and orange and yellow circles on a brown background
Design with rectangle colour blocks of yellow, red and green with symbols in darker shades of red, green and yellow
Design with multicoloured circles in red, green, blue and yellow on an orange background
Design with generic award ribbon shapes and stars filled with a pattern in dark green, red and white on a grey background
Design with cannon shapes and dash and dots in red and burgundy on a yellow background with hints of cream
Design with dark yellow equal signs, equal signs formed of diamond and circle shapes in light yellow and orange on a light blue background
Design with triangle shapes in dark red, dark green, yellow and cream on a dark green background
Design with dark green oval bug shapes with colour blocks of dark yellow, blue and red on a muted green background
Design with flower shapes formed of yellow, red and blue circles on a dark green background
Design with rainbow shaped arches in dark yellow, cream, brown and purple on a blue background
Design with red cannons, yellow sunshine shapes and green leaves arranged in a stripe pattern
Design with tree shapes and x shapes in dark yellow, yellow and cream on a dark blue background
Design with colour blocks in orange, dark yellow, light blue, dark blue, light pink and various shades of green
Design with red comb shapes and the female gender symbol in dark red and light pink with peach and dark pink stripes on a pink backgrounf
Design with dark brown square colour blocks and square blocks designs in light pink, blue, orange and cream
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